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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

"T Stands For Teddy On Stone Wall" - Photograph

    © All Rights Reserved
  © All Rights Reserved
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I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for this week's T Stands For challenge found here.

This is my summation of the past week:

Those are more photos of Teddy that I took during our trip to Boothe Memorial Park a few weeks ago.

I needed a ticket into this week's T-gathering, so here is Teddy with another magazine image showing an August Slushie.
 © All Rights Reserved

The weather has been a mix of seasonal temperatures, unseasonal mugginess, sun, and rain.

I've been busy with non-blog related activity this past week, so I don't have much to show. I will probably be late visiting everyone this week, also, and I apologize if I don't get to everyone this time.

This week I have the honor of being the guest host at Sunday Postcard Art and I chose the challenge theme of "The Moon." My host piece is The Moon - Fall Harvest. There's still time to enter! :-)

I posted Second on the 2nd: "Rustic" - Spirit Talking Board.

I made an Autumn Woman Postcard and Meditation Prayer Tag.

Over the weekend, we watched the following horror movies:

Island Of Lost Souls (1932) (DVD) (excellent, best version: remakes aren't as good)

Stir Of Echoes (1999) (DVD) (excellent)

Nothing Left To Fear (2013) (DVD) (very good) - "inspired by the legend of Stull, Kansas" (If Elizabeth knows anything about this, I hope she tells all of us about it.)

Flatliners (2017) (DVD) (very good) (Different enough from the original so that it wasn't too predictable if you've seen the original. I would've seen the original, but Amazon continues to send damaged DVDs in the mail, including Flatliners (1990) twice, so the second time I sent it back and said just refund my credit card. I'm done ordering DVDs from Amazon. Their employees' quality control is abysmal: they get a failing grade of F.)

Insidious (2010) (DVD) (excellent)

The Evil Dead (DVD) (1981) (Okay, gory and unintentionally funny)


kathyinozarks said...

Good afternoon-you have been busy again, I am off to check out your moon post-congrats on hosting.
Happy T wishes hugs Kathy

Valerie-Jael said...

Teddy is looking good on the wall, as always. The drink he is showing looks great, too. Sounds like you got a lot done this past week. Happy T Day, Valerie

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Looks like teddy's been out and about again. Happy creative week, Angela xXx

Tom said...

...he sure makes the rounds.

CJ Kennedy said...

Hello, Teddy! That looks like a great spot to people watch. I think slushies are done for the season. ☹ I saw the original Flatliners not sure I want to see the remake and I don't think I heard of some of the other films. We watched The Exorcist the other night which was fun. Happy T Day

Caty said...

Wonderful photographs from Teddy on the stone wall, and lovely too with the magazine. Happy T-day Anne !
Congratulations for hosting the challenge at Sunday Postcard Art, I loove the gorgeous Artpiece you have created. Fabulous colours and design.
I wish you a very nice Wednesday, and send big hugs,

My name is Erika. said...

Oh August would be nice again, even though I do like autumn. But that drink sure looks good. Hope it was a great T Day Anne. Hugs-Erika

Divers and Sundry said...

Teddy found a good perch on that wall. I agree about the '32 version of that film. It's hard to beat the original. I don't think I've seen many of these others; I'll have to look for them. I'm always grateful for your movie recommendations, thx :) The Evil Dead is so strange!

Happy T Day!

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a lovely spot to rest!I'm afraid (lol) I don't like many horror films!Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

Meggymay said...

Lovely photos Anne and Teddy picked out another delicious looking drink for us.
Have a good rest of the week.
Yvonne xx

Sharon Madson said...

An August slushie sounds good; thank you Teddy for pointing that out. It is skipping Fall just like it skipped Spring here. 90s and now snow is in the forecast! Unbelievable! Happy T Day!

Lisca said...

That is a cute photo of Teddy perched a bit safer this time, not so far from the ground.
Your postcards are stunning! I love the one with St Teresa's prayer/poem. I know it in Spanish: Nada te turbe.
Happy belated T-Day,

Mary said...

I just love the Teddy stories each week! He is so much fun and he goes to such interesting places!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Who would have thought a pesky squirrel could have sidelined me for over three days. You might have read that it ate through my phone/internet line and sidelined ME. Otherwise I would have been here sooner.

Next, I got back online just in time to learn there was going to be a hard freeze tonight. I spent the entire day cutting back my herbs and getting the ones I could lift into the house. The others I covered tonight with sheets. I understand you could get some cold weather, too.

I hope Teddy didn't sit in any of that moss that was growing between the stones. BTW, I don't remember more than HALF those photos you took at Boothe Memorial Park. You post faster than I can keep up with you.

Teddy is a great host. We are always glad when he shares a drink and this slushie might have fit the bill yesterday, but today I needed something warm.

It's been hot and muggy here, too. I can't believe how cold it got overnight, and now a hard freeze. No wonder so many of my friends are sick. I hope you and Teddy don't get sick.

Thanks for sharing your week, Teddy on the wall, and his drink choice with us for T this week, dear Anne. I will try to catch up with you as I can, too.