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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Haunted Explorations of Haunted Places

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I created this blog post to document all of the allegedly haunted places that I have explored. I will update this post over time.

I've been to this place a few times. It is true about it being very silent. In the middle of the summer, when all of the bugs were buzzing loudly on the outskirts of the woods, none were heard further inside, in the middle of the woods. Any bird calls I heard were in the distance, and none were overhead.

I personally have never experienced anything out of the ordinary while I was here, but that could be because I am a non-believer. I did have one inexplicable photograph but I still don't know what caused it.

Haunted information. More haunted information.

If anyone knows how to contact the Dark Entry Forest Association to get a permit for entry onto their property, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Interesting, but fake, links that I found on the Internet for Dudleytown:


1) The original video said it was "captured on Chase Avenue" when there is no such street near Dudleytown in Cornwall, CT. A recent comment on the clearer video said "the video is filmed from a house on forest road on the priory estate." I'm not sure if the location they mean is actually Dark (Forest) Entry Road.

2) The effect in the Dudleytown video of someone "walking along the edge of the road" is very similar to the fake effect in this "ghost" video posted by the same person. At the end of that video, you can see the ghost's head strike the overhead light cord/string that is hanging down from the ceiling. Obviously the same "special effects" method was used to create the Dudleytown video.

This is often rated as the most haunted location in Connecticut, and is allegedly haunted by the "White Lady". I've gone here several times, during daytime and nighttime, but I never saw anything supernatural. Haunted information.

I didn't see anything supernatural here. Haunted information.

I didn't see anything supernatural here. Haunted information.

I'm not sure if the actual grave is haunted, or if the myth here is more about her allegedly being a witch. I didn't see anything supernatural here. Haunted information.

I didn't see anything supernatural here. Haunted information.

I went here during the day. The main buildings are fenced off to prevent entry. (I-95 North exit 75.) Haunted information.

Places I haven't been to yet:

Allegedly Captain Kidd's pirate treasure is buried here and the island is haunted/cursed. The island is accessible from shore via a sandbar (tombolo) at low tide, so I need to time my visit accordingly.

Back in 2011, the "Ghost Hunters" program filmed an episode here.

I haven't been inside this place, and I am unsure of how to arrange a visit here. If anyone knows who I should contact, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Boothe Memorial Park, Stratford, CT
Witnesses allege "eerie feelings, unexplained knocking and voices" and "shadowy forms" in the cemetery. Haunted information.

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