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I indulged in Smoke and Mirrors, Double Meanings, Hidden Messages, Madness, etc., on my blog during May and June of 2018. But the unraveling began in March 2018.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dudley Town Ghostly Energy Form?! - Pictures

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White spot above not seen in After photo:
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Picture Before white spot seen:

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I don't know what this is, but this is what I can tell you: I took these pictures of what appeared to be the remnants of a Dudley Town house stone wall basement, off of Dark Entry Road in Cornwall CT on August 12, 2012. These pictures were taken around 2:45pm and the sunlight in the forest was waning. This stone basement was on the right side of the road shortly after beginning the ascent from Kent Road South.

I didn't notice anything unusual when I took these pictures, and I didn't load them onto my computer until today. I was shocked to see the bright white spot in a picture that otherwise had almost no sunlight in it. I don't believe it when people claim to have captured ghostly energy forms in their pictures, so at first I decided somehow this was a digital camera effect caused by sunlight reflecting off of the rock on the ground. I studied the pictures before and after this one very carefully, and realized the rock is on the right, and this white spot is on the left, in an area where there were only leaves. The branch is between the rock and the white spot.

So I have no idea what this is, but I am willing to consider the possibility it could be some kind of ghostly energy form, although I think the most likely explanation is some type of inexplicable digital distortion occurred (saturation) when I took the picture.

I had already planned to return to Dudley Town, a supposedly haunted, village of the damned, before I saw this picture, and now I'm definitely going back!


Yvonne said...

ohhhhh,this does look like an intriguing place to visit, Anne!

sirkkis09 said...

Hi! Very exciting phenomenon. Have you ever heard about orbits?

May be a solution.