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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

"T Stands For Teddy, Butterfly Picnic Quilt, Bee Hives, Tea Biscuits, and Tea" - Photograph

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I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for this week's T Stands For challenge found here.

This is my summation of the past week:

Teddy will be serving double duty as my main image plus as my "T-Day ticket" for my T-Day posts.

Last week, Teddy said he wanted some type of washable fabric kitchen table placemat to use as a mini-picnic blanket for him to sit on during our outdoor photo shoots. My sister Mary saw that, and said she would make him an 18" x 18" butterfly quilt, to use as a little Teddy Bear's Picnic quilt.

We were grateful for her offer, and thrilled when we saw what she made, which arrived Monday (Aug 31, 2020). Not only was the butterfly on the front beautiful, but the fabric on the back had birds, bird houses, lady bugs, butterflies, flowers, bees, and bee hives on it, which is why I included the close up detail photo. Teddy was beyond belief with joy, at this lovely gift she made for him. She is very talented, and has her own blog here.

Last week, we had some wild weather here in Connecticut (CT) again. Thankfully this time I was spared the brunt of the storm damage, which hit hardest in central CT. On Thursday, August 27, 2020, there was an EF1 Tornado and Microbursts Confirmed in New Haven County CT. The path length of the tornado was 11.1 miles (17.8 kilometers), which started as 75 yards (68.58 meters) wide and ended as 500 yards (457.2 meters) wide (imagine five US football fields lined up in width). When the tornado ended, it fanned out as microbursts, which continued to cause destruction until they exited the land and went over water in Long Island Sound.

A short time later that same day, there was an EF1 Tornado in Montgomery, NY. This part of the US normally doesn't get tornadoes, so it is very scary when they happen. The CT tornado crossed two major highways (Merritt / Route 15 and Interstate 91 / I91), and the microbursts crossed Interstate 95 (I95), which had to be closed briefly in the southbound direction in Branford, CT, due to debris on the road. Many lost electricity, large trees came down, and some trees fell on houses and automobiles. Fortunately no one was injured.

We seem to get more wind than rain, so Connecticut still has D0, D1, and D2 drought conditions. (United States Drought Monitor - Connecticut)

And in news of the weird here in CT, on Friday, August 28, police sent out an alert to the public about a "highly aggressive" beefalo that has been on the loose for almost a month, in northwestern Connecticut. Apparently the beefalo (a cross between a bison and domestic cattle) escaped from a processing plant, when it was being offloaded from the trailer that brought it there, and has been terrorizing the countryside ever since. Yes, this is a real story, and not Teddy telling a Teddy Tale (except for the "terrorizing" part). Police are now using a drone, to try to find it, and have warned people not to try to approach it.

I went out on a walking trail this past week, but my muscles were still more worn out than I realized, so the hike turned out to be on the strenuous side for me.

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Mae Travels said...

Teddy is lucky that your sister indulged his wishes so quickly. He has a beautiful little work of art. I notice that he has Kedem Tea Biscuits -- I haven't had them since the lockdown so I'm jealous. (I've had lots of other types of sweets, just not that brand.)

be well... mae at

Mary said...

When I saw last week's post with Teddy expressing interest in a placemat/ mini picnic blanket, I knew this butterfly pattern would be great for this and fun to make. I love making quilts and have a large amount of fabric downstairs, collected over the years and at the ready. The backing fabric with the little motifs was just what I needed to finish this Teddy Bear's Picnic quilt, named after a favorite children's song. I hope Teddy has fun with his new quilt!

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, I love Teddy's new little quilt-perfect! sounds like you are keeping busy-Happy T wishes Kathy

kathyinozarks said...

I forgot to mention-sorry about the tornadoes near by and the animal being lose-that's kinda crazy he escaped maybe he deserves to live

Valerie-Jael said...

I love teddy's new quilt, so smart! Fun story with the beefalo, I hope they find it again. Happy T Day, Valerie

CJ Kennedy said...

Your sister is so thoughtful to indulge Teddy. Wow, we didn't hear a thing about the tornadoes in CT! All the news seems to be focused on politics. I'm glad you and Teddy were able to get out of the house. I hope you don't run into the beefalo. Take care and Happy T Day. said...

I thought Beefalo was a typo ~ what a mess ~ Tornadoes, Covid, Drought and wild animals ~ You can't make this stuff up! Who would have thought. I hope all calms down and settles out soon.

Eileen Bergen said...

The quilt is adorable. Teddy looks very content sitting on his new picnic blanket. What a sweet gesture from your sister. I hope Mother Nature is done harassing your area. It has been one thing after another.

When I taught elementary school in NJ, bears would sometimes come down from the mountains and walk about town. If we had enough warning, we'd send the kids home early. They loved that. Otherwise they'd have to stay in the school building until the bear was rounded up and returned to the wild.

Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

Let's Art Journal said...

How lovely of your sister to make that beautiful butterfly quilt for Teddy, I'm sure he loves it 😁. The tornadoes sound very scary, my heart goes out to those impacted and I was so pleased to hear that you are ok. Wishing you a very Happy T Tuesday and stay safe! Hugs, Jo x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Mary has REAL talent when it comes to sewing and drawing. She is very creative and I love that quilt she is making. Wish I had that skill, but I'm a tear and wonky sew kind of sewer (never a seamstress like Mary). Teddy is lucky to have an aunt who was so thoughtful.

Had to laugh at the beefalo. It didn't want to be slaughtered and I can see why it would flee. I hope they NEVER find the poor, frightened creature.

Teddy looks great with his new blanket and those biscuits he's willing to share. I'd love some of that Bigalow peppermint bark tea, too. Thanks go to Teddy for sharing his blanket, biscuits, and tea with us for T this Tuesday.

Divers and Sundry said...

What a lovely picnic quilt! The beefalo is enjoying its freedom I trust, and I hope it is captured without too much more bother. It sounds like an expensive operation. The woodland trail is calling my name :) Happy T Tuesday!

My name is Erika. said...

Your sister was great to fix Teddy's problem. I like them. And Teddy seems to also. I like how he found Tea biscuits for T day. Very nice! Hope it was a fabulous T day and Happy September Anne. Hugs-Erika

Kate Yetter said...

A beautiful butterfly quilt that your sister made for you.

So glad to hear that the storm missed you this time.

Happy Tea Day,

Iris Flavia said...

Very cute. Mielebaer´s friend Elmo´s Blanket says hi!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Seems like poetic justice that the beefalo is terrorizing humans - weren't they about to kill the beast when it escaped?

Lisca said...

Wow! What a beautiful quilt! Lucky Teddy. I can imagine he is over the moon!
I'm sorry to hear you are having tornados. Scary or what! And a beefalo on the loose. Are you sure you want to go for long walks? I hope they get the poor beast to safety soon before he injures someone and has to be put down. That would be a shame. (I don't blame him for escaping. I might have done the same thing in his place.)
Happy belated T-Day (Yes, I'm late again as per usual. Tuesday is just a very busy day and I spend the whole of Wednesday catching up)

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a fabulous picnic quilt! Sorry to hear of the tornados, I would imagine that are very scary to be around! Your walking trail looks beautiful, maybe next time you will know what to expect and it will be easier!! Teddy's biscuits would probably raise my sugar levels too much but I hope you both enjoy them! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

Lowcarb team member said...

I always enjoy seeing teddy and I do like his new little quilt :)

All the best Jan