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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Book of Days 2015

I've decided to create a Book of Days for 2015.

I used to receive beautiful Illuminated Manuscript Book of Days books as gifts for Christmas. I loved them. Last year I started The Documented Life Project challenge but didn't finish it. This year, their rules and requirements are too complicated for me to want to participate, so I'm doing my own thing. My only rules are Keep It Simple (KIS) and Have Fun.

The challenge involves using a weekly planner. I purchased a 2015 Sugar Paper Los Angeles 5" x 8" weekly/monthly planner, and will continue to use the Bic and Crayola markers that I bought last year.

I used GIMP version 2.8.14 to create 2" x 1.5" tabs that I then printed on card stock paper, cut out, and Elmer's glue sticked into the planner.

I created a page template in GIMP, which is 4.5" x 8" with 0.125" radius corners on the right side.

The weekly challenge themes are listed below, and I will add links to my entries as I create them. This blog entry will serve as my master index to them.

All of the images are © All Rights Reserved

Title Page

Inner Title Page

Journal Front Accordion Pocket

Journal Back Accordion Pocket

Week 1. Time
Week 2. Cats
Week 3. Background
Week 4. Oriental
Week 5. Super Bowl Sunday
Week 6. Border
Week 7. Valentine's Day
Week 8. Mardi Gras
Week 9. Layers
Week 10. Full Crow Moon
Week 11. Super Pi Day 3.1415
Week 12. Pocket
Week 13. Faces
Week 14. Full Pink Moon
Week 15. Stained Book Page
Week 16. Leaf Border
Week 17. The Mystic
Week 18. Beltane (Irish) and Full Flower Moon
Week 19. Butterflies
Week 20. Orange and Gold
Week 21. Oriental Flowers
Week 22. Art Deco Border
Week 23. Full Strawberry Moon, Celestial
Week 24. Color by Number
Week 25. Summer
Week 26. Envelope
Week 27. Full Buck Moon and Fourth of July
Week 28.
Week 29. Orange and Blue
Week 30.
Week 31. Full Blue Moon and Lughnasadh (Irish)
Week 32.
Week 33. At the Beach
Week 34. Summer Adventures
Week 35. Full Sturgeon Moon
Week 36. Skull
Week 37. Labor Day, Back to School, Skeleton
Week 38.
Week 39. Full Harvest Moon, Blood Moon
Week 40.
Week 41.
Week 42. Astronomy
Week 43.
Week 44. Full Hunter's Moon, Hallowe'en, All Soul's Day, and Samhain (Irish)
Week 45. Fairy Tales
Week 46. Finis
Week 47.
Week 48. Full Frosty Moon and Thanksgiving
Week 49.
Week 50.
Week 51.
Week 52. Winter, Christmas, and Full Cold Moon
Week 53. New Year's Eve



Note Page 11
Note Page 12
Note Page 13

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it helps, to have a certain plan!
Wonderful, Pippa