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I indulged in Smoke and Mirrors, Double Meanings, Hidden Messages, Madness, etc., on my blog during May and June of 2018. But the unraveling began in March 2018.


Friday, January 3, 2014

The Documented Life Project Challenge

Art to the 5th has created The Documented Life Project weekly challenge for 2014. The challenge entries can be seen on Flickr, Facebook, and/or Instagram: #documentedlife .

The challenge involves using a weekly planner. I purchased a 2014 Sugar Paper Los Angeles 5" x 8" weekly/monthly planner, and Bic and Crayola markers. (You can read more details about the challenge here.)

I used GIMP version 2.8.8 to create 2" x 1.5" tabs that I then printed on card stock paper, cut out, and Elmer's glue sticked into the planner.

I also used GIMP to create a page template that was 4.875" x 8" with 0.25" radius corners on the right side.

The weekly challenges are listed below, and I will add links to my entries as I create them. This blog entry will serve as my master index to them.

All of the images are © All Rights Reserved

Journal Skin

Journal Front Accordion Pocket

Journal Back Pocket

Week 1. Front Door
Week 2. Selfie
Week 3. Envelope in Mail
Week 4. Secret Message
Week 5. Border
Week 6. Inspired By...

Week 7. Shape
Week 8. Add a Flap to your Flap

Week 9. Recycle
Week 10. List
Week 11. Bird
Week 12. Magazine Clippings
Week 13. Someone else draws, then you finish it
Week 14. Embellish your name
Week 15. Monochromatic
Week 16. Cardboard Food Box
Week 17. Favorite Shoes
Week 18. Inspiring Quote
Week 19. Random Act of Kindness
Week 20. Rubber Stamp
Week 21. Embroidery
Week 22. Draw, paint or sketch a house
Week 23. Gratitude
Week 24. Use book text
Week 25. Cover your Flap in Hearts
Week 26. Add a bible verse that inspires you - or a line from your favorite book
Week 27. Add a crossword puzzle, suduko or word search
Week 28. Add an Instagram or other tiny photo
Week 29. Make a wish list - draw or cut up magazines to illustrate
Week 30. Add receipts, labels, business cards - smash books style!
Week 31. Add a pocket and fill it full of your week's treasure!
Week 32. Incorporate a Fortune from a Fortune Cookie
Week 33. Use your "under paper" in a creative way
Week 34. Fill the page with numbers that relate to your week
Week 35. Draw, sketch, paint, doodle a face
Week 36. Black & White
Week 37. Use white pen prominently
Week 38. Draw, paint, doodle, sketch a feather
Week 39. Add splatters and drips
Week 40. Paint or color with three colors you never use
Week 41. Polka Dots
Week 42. Stars
Week 43. Sketch what you see right now
Week 44. Incorporate real or drawn leaves into your page
Week 45. Add a Tab
Week 46. Incorporate Fabric onto Your Page
Week 47. Add a map of your town, state or country. Document about this map.
Week 48. Depict Gratitude in a creative way
Week 49. Trace your hand
Week 50. Pick a fantasy vacation spot and make a packing list. Money is NO object!
Week 51. Arrows!!
Week 52. Document your family holiday tradition
Week 53. Draw or collage something that begins with the first letter of your first name



Notes Page 11
Notes Page 12
Notes Page 13

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