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I indulged in Smoke and Mirrors, Double Meanings, Hidden Messages, Madness, etc., on my blog during May and June of 2018. But the unraveling began in March 2018.


Friday, January 3, 2014

The Documented Life Project - Week 01

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The Week01 challenge for The Documented Life Project was "Front Door."

For whatever reason, the Rolling Stones' song "Paint it Black" popped into my head, so I went where my muse took me, which was down a dark path. The door is a digital sketch of what my front door looks like.

I created this using GIMP 2.8.8, then printed it out on card stock paper. After cutting it out, I used Scotch Tape to tape the right side edges together. I then folded it out and taped it on the inside seam, also. I used a page size of 4.875" x 8" with 0.25" radius corners on the right side so that it would fit flush with the right side of the journal page, but have a little gap of space on the left side.

I didn't have Washi tape, so I used regular clear tape. I like how I'm able to see the entire piece, so now I'm unsure whether or not I'll get Washi tape for future challenges, or continue to use Scotch Tape.

You can also see some of my doodles on the left side page. I can't draw, so my efforts are amateurish. Perhaps they will improve as the year progresses.

The images are from a DuckDuckGo search. DuckDuckGo allows you to search anonymously, unlike Google and the other NSA collaborators.

The master index for all of my entries is here.

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