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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Mail Art" – A9 Envelope

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(Click on image to enlarge)
This week’s Three Muses challenge was "Mail Art Envelope."

I created this using GIMP 2.8.8.

The images are from a tag that I created, a GIMP script, and a DuckDuckGo search.

The font is Corbel Bold.


indybev said...

What a beautiful bit of Christmas mail art, Anne. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Blessings on you and yours this holiday season!

sirkkis said...

I love your beautiful mail art. Have a wonderful Christmas, Anne!

Karla B said...

This is magical!

johanna said...

often when i see your cards i think you could sell them at a stationery. they are created so carefully!

btw, your left blogroll is an incredible source of so many useful sites! thanks a lot for sharing them!

Taluula said...

Wonderfully festive, Anne, and magical into the bargain.

Ozstuff said...

What a touchingly beautiful piece of mail art. Your envelope is superb, Ann. I love the depth of colour and the soft touches. Perfect.
I hope your Christmas was a happy one.

Deann said...

This is just delightful Anne. Have a very Happy New Year.