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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Red Fish Underwater / Foliage Bokeh Look Reflections - Photograph

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© All Rights Reserved
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This is 2 of 2 posts of photographs that I took at Riverside Park in Fairfield, CT this past week.

I was taking foliage reflection shots when I noticed something red moving under the water. Two red fish were swimming slowly underneath the surface. Sometimes the leaf reflections took on a bokeh look.

After a suggestion from Pippa (thanks!) I am entering the first photograph in the following:

Saturday Silhouettes

It might not be a 100% silhouette in the true sense, but the tree reflections in that photo are mostly/all dark with no detail shown (unlike the detail that is visible in the third photograph).


Anonymous said...

That would be a nice post for

herzlich Pippa

NatureFootstep said...

nice reflection with the fish in the pond :)

butterfly said...

How great to capture the fish in the picture... I'd go further than Bokeh - I think the reflections in that final photo are positively Monet-esque.
Alison x

abrianna said...

Very pretty pictures.

Nick V. said...

Such lovely images! I find it so relaxing watching goldfish swimming in a pond.
Thank you for participating in Saturday Silhouettes!