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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Artistic Journey" – 4x4

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This week’s 4x4 Friday challenge was “Artistic Journey.” This week’s Take A Word challenge #3 was “Moon.” I'm still trying to stretch my artistic boundaries. I feel like my work is always confined and the same. I used to spend some of my time writing fiction. A writer critiqued my short stories and said my work was always like a pointillist painting, instead of being broad brush strokes. I continued writing, but still struggled with that problem. I think the same problem invades my artwork.


LuLu said...


Well I LOVE it - specially the Latin illuminated manuscript.

Great work!

Celebrating my bolgoversary with a Give-A-Way!

Yvonne said...

Beautifully done, Anne!

Katie said...

What a great variety of moons and ladies. really cool

Kris Dickinson said...

What a beautiful, magical piece!

johanna said...

i love all these medieval elements! wonderful square!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

What wonderful imagery you have combined for your 4x4. Gorgeous work


Ozstuff said...

Two full moons in one picture? What more could we ask for?

Anne, your collage is wonderful - so colorful and creative. I love it.

LivArtNow said...

Awesome!! Love the flirty moon and all the other wonderful elements you've used here!! Brilliant Anne :)

Hugs and smiles,

Claudje said...

i very very nice! I love it!
Greetz Claudia

Lori Saul said...

Love the Celtic look and influence here Anne- what a stunning 4x4 and a perfect moon!

Taluula said...

So many gorgeous medieval elements to feast my eyes upon. This is superb.

Rosie said...

I think it's really interesting how one thing draws your eye and then leads you round the collage - well done Anne!
And remember, we are always our own worst critics! 'o)