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Friday, January 22, 2016

Tri-State Area: Winter Storm and Blizzard Warnings Posted

NOAA has gone to the Warning stage, for the storm that is forecast to hit my area about 24 hours from now.

I copied this information from their Winter Storm and Blizzard Preparedness Information link:

Winter Storm and Blizzard preparedness information...

Winter Storm and Blizzard Warnings have been posted for much of the tri-state area. This means hazardous winter weather conditions...such as heavy snow and blizzard conditions due to winds of 35 mph or higher with snow and blowing snow reducing visibility to less than 1/4 mile for at least 3 hours...may affect the area in the next 24 to 48 hours...but its occurrence...location and timing are still uncertain.

Before the storm prepared.

At home or work the following items should to be available:

* flashlights and extra batteries.

* canned food and a manual opener...bottled water and essential medications.

* a first aid kit.

* sufficient heating fuel.

* a working fire extinguisher and smoke alarm.

* salt and sand.

* a battery powered radio.

make sure your pets have plenty of food...water and shelter.

make sure your vehicle is fully checked and winterized. carry a winter storm survival kit including blankets...cell phone...a flashlight with extra batteries...a shovel and a map.

if you become stranded in your vehicle...ensure the tail pipe is clear...then stay the engine 10 minutes each hour for heat...keep your window open to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning...and from time to time exercise body parts to keep blood circulating and to keep warm. tie a colored cloth to your vehicle.

if caught outside...try to stay dry and cover exposed body parts.

for additional information on preparing for winter storms...please


Deann said...

Best wishes and prayers for you Anne and all my friends on the east coast...hang on.

abby j said...

Good luck...sit inside with a hot chocolate and a good book...looking out!!! LOVE days like that!!!!😀 Be safe!

Stewart M said...

This coming storm is making news all over the world - stay warm and safe.

Cheers - Stewart M - (finally back in) Melbourne