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Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Super Pi Day" - Tag

© All Rights Reserved

© All Rights Reserved

© All Rights Reserved
This week’s Tag Tuesday challenge number 12 was “More Than A Tag.” I made a fold over tag. My theme is what my friends and I have dubbed “Super Pi Day” which will be March 14, 2015 (3/14/15). For more information on annual Pi Day events, see Pi Day » The official web site for Pi Day, March 14th.

I used my Siren Lunar ATC for the outside of the tag, with the original intent of cutting it along her leg and the moon to make a flap opening that overlapped the inner full flap showing her. But after I glued it and was done, it was a little bulky, so I decided to leave it alone, and treat the process as a learning experience that needs improvement. Also, the writing inside looked fine on the computer, but dark when I printed it out. I tried it with gold instead, but it was still dark, so I went with the original black. (The camera ran out of power on the third picture, so that’s why it looks red at the bottom.)

Notes to myself: Creation process:

Step 1) I used a 3 panel wide ATC template, since the Siren was ATC size. I made one for the outside and one for the inside of the tag. I exported the end results as TIF files. I created a new file that was the same width as the panel, but one inch taller in height, to leave room for the tag fastening point. I copied the two TIF files into that. Then I made the oval tag fastening point, filled it with the background, and added stars. I exported the inside and outside tag images as TIF files.

Step 2) I glued (glue stick) the outside tag to thin recycled cardboard and cut it out. (The cardboard might not have been thin enough.) I cut out then glued the inside tag on the other side, being careful to line up the tag fastening point first. (The end result has gaps where the cardboard is visible. This process needs refinement.)

Step 3) I couldn’t “score” it to make the bend points because that would’ve cut the paper. (I don’t have the tools to do that anyway.) I improvised and used a stack of stuff with a VCR tape on top, for the hard edge to fold the ATC over. For the solid line edge of the outside tag, it was easy to judge where to fold over. But for the other side, I used an existing printed out ATC as my guide, to fold over the other side. (Note: after folding over the first side, it was a little difficult to get the tag flat enough to fold over the second side.) I put a pile of books on it, to flatten it. (The crease lines inside were a little bulky for both folds, even after flattening it.)


Louise (KardKrazy) said...

Anne, what a fabulous tag. Love the design! Glad you joined in:)

Mary said...

This is a really beautiful tag - quite lovely! I love the way and position of how she is sitting on the moon. A bone folder is what I use to score a fold in things. It is a great little tool to have and I can look for one next trip to Blick's Art Supply. Also, a good sturdy cardstock might work.

Kris Dickinson said...

SO wonderful! I love that image!

WildGoose said...

Your sprite is one cool image; didn't she advertise silk stockings, or something?The kind they wore in the 40's-with that line down the back?
You made a great card choosing her!
And I appreciate reading your notes; scoring is not my best point, either!
Thanks for the info on International Pi day! Got one for you- International Donut day-on June 4th!