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I indulged in Smoke and Mirrors, Double Meanings, Hidden Messages, Madness, etc., on my blog during May and June of 2018. But the unraveling began in March 2018.


Friday, August 7, 2009

"Pens and Brushes"

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This week’s Thank God It’s Friday challenge number 97 was “Pens and Brushes.” I used two etchings, then painted one of them. Everything is digital.


Lori Saul said...

Beautiful Gothic piece Anne!

Faye said...

Great job, Anne. and thanks again for the tiling aid. I did learn how to do the offset.

Ozstuff said...

And you want to know how MY mind works? This is a beautifully executed piece of artwork with an inscrutable quality! I would love to know the story behind it.

Ozstuff said...

Anne, I have made a mistake! I was commenting on the thumbnail pictures on my blogpage and yours was next to Ann's (Taluula). We are always having jokes about how our minds work and the comment about that was meant for Ann. However, the rest of it was meant for you. Sorry about that,

Sandy said...

Anne this is excellent.
Really stunning design. Love them.

Thanks Anne for your pens and brushes to TGiF.

Ozstuff said...

Me again. Just read your note which means you are up bright and early. If it is 5.19pm here it is 5.19am in your part of the world. Sorry about the mistake. You are Anne and she is Ann and your picture looked like something Ann would do. We are always having fun at each other's expense at who has the weirdest brain!
I love your picture. As Lori says - a beautiful Gothic piece.

katrin said...

wooooooooooow - this is really FANTASTIC!!! brilliant idea. :-)

Moni said...

Wowwww, eine tolle Szene!!!

Martina2801 said...

Great artwork, Anne !

Taluula said...

Wow Anne this is something special you did a great great job.

My piece was supposed to reflect the infamous British Graffiti artist called (Banksy) who apart from the usually type of graffiti also reproduces actually paintings adding extra bits and pieces in a fun way.

I thought the link might be helpful, but I am embarrased to say I now see I should have just let people realize for themselves. The idea of the link was that if you click on any of the paintings there, the larger version will show you how Banksy has changed a painting.

Which is the tongue in cheek bit, as I changed the painting in my piece.

Ah well :O)

indybev said...

This is very creative, Anne. Those gryphons are somehow eerie to me. I don't think I'd want one on my house! I like that you mixed etching and tinting. It made for a very interesting page design.

Rein said...

Great piece!

Char said...

Works for me. I love gargoyles. Pens are great too.

WildGoose said...

Very unique, great design -like the mix much!

Femmy said...

great work Anne!!