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Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Nasturtium" - Summer Flowers

© All Rights Reserved
© All Rights Reserved
This week’s Tag Tuesday challenge number 11 was “Summer Flowers.” I chose the Nasturtium (Capucine) and used several images to create my tag. This time I scanned in my tag, and it came out much better than my pictures do. But the colors are a little washed out and it’s crooked.

The theme made me think of the line, “And summer's lease hath all too short a date,” from William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. The past few weeks I’ve noticed the sun rising later in the morning, the first sign to me that summer is waning. This morning the sun was a red ball as it came up. It was beautiful! (I wished I had my camera.)


Louise (KardKrazy) said...

What a lovely tag, Anne, with its unique shape!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite flowers, Anne. Maybe next year I'll plant some of these gorgeous flowers. Your work is so beautiful. I love the unusual tag. Really super.

I don't know if you got my email or not so I'll give you my email address here. Yes, I would like to know how to do the tiling, when you get a chance.

Char said...

Anne your flowers ae just fabulous. Love the way your have the leaf extended for the ribbon.

JeanFB said...

Beautiful tag - Love the top, with the botanicals spilling over!

Lynn Stevens said...

Gorgeous Tag, Love those flowers!

Barb said...

Hi Anne,
Your tag is so unique, luv the design. It reminds me of the Art Nouveau era. Wouldn't that make a gorgeous stained glass window?