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Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Art Creations Friday - Challenge 38"

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I created a 4x6 postcard for the Art Creations Friday Aug 28, 2009 challenge (number 38). The challenge site provided the ballet couple image, titled Swan Lake. I ended up going in a slightly surreal direction.

Notes: For some unknown reason, when I used Firefox to save the PNG file from the challenge site, it was actually a JPG file inside, and the background was white instead of invisible. In parallel with getting help from Marie, I decided to try Explorer, and it saved the file correctly. I need to investigate further what is going wrong with Firefox.


indybev said...

Seems to me I've heard a lot of horror stories about Firefox lately. Glad you got things sorted out in time to do this intriguing "take" on the challenge. That swan looks downright aggravated! Thanks for the smile.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Perfect backdrop for Odile and Sigfried! Wonderful!

Femmy said...

eantastic background for the couple!!!

Ozstuff said...

Anne, so happy to see you solved your problem. I have heard some fairly negative things about Firefox.
Your swanlake dancers are framed perfectly against the REAL swans in the background. Lovely and creative work.

Rhonda said...

Absolutely amazing!! The perfect Swan Lake. Cheers!!

herminesplace said...

Its beautiful

Char said...

Your Swan Lake is fabulous. Great background.

LiveArt said...

What a lovely creation!! Very elegant!!!


Mary said...

Wonderful piece and just love the swans! I drive by a pond with swans on the way to and from work and the cygnets are getting much bigger now. Lovely sight to see, they are so graceful.