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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Solstice / Full Strawberry Moon - Photograph

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  © All Rights Reserved
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These are some photographs that I took of the Summer Solstice Full Strawberry Moon last night.

I could not believe my good luck. I had gone to a location, but the moon was nowhere to be seen, and it was past its rise time of 8:31pm local time. I drove to a nearby location and saw the moon on the horizon, and it was red! Crowds had gathered, and I almost couldn't get a parking place. Once I did, I ran out onto the beach to get some photographs before the moon lost its color. The sand gnats were numerous and unrelenting, but I persevered.

In the end, none of my photos came out crisp, but I'm posting a few anyway. The moon was stunning, but my photos don't do justice to its true color. I took these photos shortly after the sun had set at 8:29pm, but prior to the end of civil twilight, which ended at 9:03pm. (Note: in the second photo, both the moon and moon reflection were pink/red, but the moon looks white.)

1 comment:

Kenneth Cole Schneider said...

Beautiful shot of the Strawberry Moon and reflection. Thanks for stopping by at my blog while I was away!