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Monday, February 15, 2016

Heavy Snow Covered Trees - Photograph

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  © All Rights Reserved
© All Rights Reserved
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I took these photographs of the trees in my yard a few weeks ago during a snow storm. If you look closely at all of these, you can see the snow falling, besides the heavy coating on the tree branches. The weight of the snow ended up toppling two small trees in my yard, in addition to snapping a few branches. Thankfully I didn't lose electricity.

I live in a coastal Connecticut town, and our snowfalls are usually "wet" snow, where moisture from Long Island Sound mixes into it. We rarely get the fluffy light powder snow that falls in places like Utah or the Alps, that one could easily sweep away with a broom. Our snow is heavy like cement. However, normally the snow isn't so wet that it sticks to the trees, but this time weather conditions were such that it did. Every year or two, we get a storm like this, and the end result is healthy trees losing large branches or falling completely.


Christine said...


Linda said...

Beautiful images! Our snow in Virginia is usually wet too. And then there's ice!

Rose said...

These are so beautiful! Love that first shot when it is expanded.