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Friday, September 25, 2015

Jumping Fish Coming Out of Water - Photograph

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I took these photographs of schools of fish that were swimming in unison then jumping out of the water at Southport Beach in Fairfield, CT this past week.

These fish were swimming around where the Snowy Egrets were. At first all I heard was a splashing sound, and saw the water rippling. That kept happening, and I didn't know what it was. It was almost like one of those horror movies, where something is going on in the water, the curious person goes toward it to investigate, and the person gets killed by some underwater monster. ;-)

When I got to the edge of the water, I finally saw what was causing the sounds and making the water dimple. These fish were swimming around in large groups that first caused the water to dimple, then they all jumped out while they swam, and dove back under the water. It was very hard to determine where they would appear, so I didn't get many photographs of them, and the ones I did get aren't that great.

I was surprised no birds were feeding on them. I saw only one Seagull swoop in once, to try to catch them. They were in the middle, and the Egrets were on the shore edges, but there were some opportunities for the Egrets to catch them, which I have in other photographs.

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