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Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Here we come Walking down the street..." - Photograph

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I took these photographs last weekend at the reservoir in Easton, CT.

I arrived right as this group of four wild turkeys was walking down the center of the street. They were fast movers, so I had trouble catching up to them. That's also why my second photograph is a little blurry. A few cars came along, but all slowed down or stopped for the birds.When this group reached a side entrance to the wooded area, they left the road and entered the woods.

Seeing them walking down the center of the street was comical. They stayed along the center line of the road until they reached the point where they made a 90 degree turn to enter the woods. This scene also reminded me of the Monkeys theme song, except in this, the refrain would be, "Hey, hey, we're the Turkeys..."

It's been a long, snowy, cold Winter here, so I haven't been taking photographs for a few months now, and only recently resumed taking snapshots. The first photograph is my entry for the following:

Camera Critters
I'd Rather Be Birding
Saturday's Critters


eileeninmd said...

Cool sighting of the wild turkeys.. I hope they stay safe.. It is turkey season soon? Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

Anni said...

"....hey, hey, we're the turkeys!!"

Now you have done it. Seems a song from my youth is coming into my mind!! LOL

What a great, fun series.

Mama Zen said...

That is so funny!

Craftychris said...

Fabulous photos of the Turkeys! I now have the Monkeys song with the alternate words in my head! Thank you for visiting my blog today! xxx

Al said...

What fun photos!

Stephanie said...

Good eye on capturing these turkeys!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful birds there.

TexWisGirl said...

so very cute. :)

Irma said...

Beautiful sighting of the Turkeys.
I love the first picture.

Marie C said...

It's like they knew to stay in the middle of the road! I was so tempted to say "Singing doo-wa-diddy, didy-dum, diddy-do." OK, I guess I just did. :-) They are beautiful birds and I love that you got some great photos of them for your first time back!

Kristin_Texas said...

That's cute. They probably travel along there regularly.

I know that the wild turkeys around here seem to do that. (Fortunately, around here it's this one huge pasture with longhorns and not on the road... as far as I know anyway).