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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dudley Town Dark Entry Road and Forest - Pictures

© All Rights Reserved

© All Rights Reserved
This is 1 of 4 posts of pictures I took on August 25, 2012 in Cornwall CT, on the Mohawk Trail, within the area that used to be Dudley Town, a supposedly haunted, village of the damned.

Approximate time line (note: camera time was uncalibrated so it was off by -45 minutes):

  • 4:45pm Left house to go to Cornwall CT
  • 6:22pm Started ascent up Dark Entry Road
  • 6:23pm Took first picture (uncalibrated camera time 5:38pm)
  • 6:40pm Reached top of Dark Entry Road and start of Mohawk Trail (~20 minutes to walk up the ~0.6 mile road. Took first trail picture at 6:43pm)
  • 6:52pm Waterfall/cascade #1
  • 6:58pm Waterfall/cascade #2
  • Goose bumps incident. Entire body felt cold, hair raised on arms and goose bumps appeared. This happened some time between waterfall/cascade #2 and #3, during daylight.
  • 7:02pm Waterfall/cascade #3
  • 7:13pm Waterfall/cascade #4
  • 7:48pm Reached a somewhat level area before turning back due to darkness. It was very quiet in the level area. There were still bug sounds, but they were very faint. I did hear one distant bird voice, but none before or after this.
  • 7:51pm Cold Spot #1 incident. The area here became very cool. At one point, there was also a breeze that went on for awhile and was localized to this area only, because no leaves were rustling in the trees. I took many pictures here, but didn't see anything unusual in them, other than one that was most likely a dust orb reflection.
  • 8:14pm Cold Spot #2 incident. The area here became very cool. A slight breeze occurred here too, but not as extensive as spot #1. Both cool spots could have been due to the proximity to the water.
  • 8:40pm Emerged from trail back onto Dark Entry Road. The bugs got much louder as the forest exit got closer. It was the normal volume of them for a summer night.
  • 9:00pm Got back to car
  • 9:30pm Stopped at Arby's for food
  • 9:40pm Resumed drive
  • 10:40pm Arrived home.

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johanna said...

i´m not sure if i would dare to walk in this wood alone...