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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chocolate Inspiration Challenge

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Chocolate Inspiration Challenge

I recently ate some Dove chocolates with great messages like, "Follow your instincts", "Naughty can be nice", and "Be the first to hit the dance floor".  I decided to make a challenge for myself, similar to the 2011 Digital Whisper 100 Theme Challenge but with a slant toward Inspiration Decks.  So I did a search and found a list of the Dove quotes here.

The quotes are listed below, and I will add links to my entries as I create them. This blog entry will serve as my master index to them.

All of the images are © All Rights Reserved

1. A good love is delicious, because you can never get enough.
2. All you really need is love, and a little chocolate doesn't hurt!
3. An exhale moment deserves delicious chocolate.
4. Be a little naughty with your nice.
5. Be fearless.
6. Be free. Be happy. Be you.
7. Be good to yourself today.
8. Be mischievous. It feels good.
9. Be playful with your love.
10. Be spontaneous.
11. Be the first to hit the dance floor.
12. Believe in yourself.
13. Break the mold.
14. Buy flowers for yourself.
15. Buy yourself flowers.
16. Calories only exist if you count them.
17. Catch snowflakes on your tongue.
18. Chocolate brings good things to life.
19. Chocolate is a gift of love.
20. Chocolate loves unconditionally.
21. Chocolate speaks the international language of love.
22. Chocolate therapy is "Oh, so good."
23. Chocolate won't let you down.
24. Clear your mind, and enjoy this moment.
25. Climb high, climb far... your goal the sky, your aim, the stars.
26. Close your eyes and relax.
27. Create a happy place.
28. Create your own spa.
29. Dance with your heart.
30. Dare to dream.
31. Dare to love completely.
32. Daydream.
33. Daydreaming is free.
34. Dazzle your sense of flavor.
35. Decorate your life.
36. Discover yourself.
37. Do all things with love.
38. Do what feels right.
39. Don't settle for a spark... light a fire instead.
40. Draw yourself a bath.
41. Encourage your sense of daring.
42. Engage, embrace, enjoy.
43. Enjoy the childhood joys of winter.
44. Enjoy the small things in life.
45. Escape for a moment.
46. Express yourself.
47. Feed your sense of anticipation.
48. Feel free to be yourself.
49. Feel good about today.
50. Feel the sun on your face.
51. Find your passion.
52. Follow your instincts.
53. Forget the rules and play by your heart.
54. Get a good night's sleep.
55. Get out there, and make your dreams happen.
56. Give a little love today.
57. Give yourself a holiday.
58. Give yourself a relaxation break.
59. Give yourself permission.
60. Happiness is contagious.
61. Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances.
62. Happiness looks great on you.
63. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
64. Have no limits today.
65. Hey, why not?
66. If you live in the present, every moment is a new beginning.
67. Ignite your sense of adventure.
68. Indulge in dark.
69. Indulge your every whim.
70. Indulge your sense of amusement.
71. Indulge your sense of enjoyment.
72. It's definitely a bubble bath day.
73. It's OK to be fabulous AND flawed!
74. It’s OK to slow down.
75. Keep believing in yourself and your dreams.
76. Keep the promises you make to yourself.
77. Laugh whenever possible.
78. Let your sensuousness shine through.
79. life is Good.
80. Live in the present.
81. Live well, laugh often, and love much.
82. Live your dreams.
83. Lose yourself in a moment.
84. Love every moment.
85. Love is a flower, friendship, and a sheltering tree.
86. Love rules, without rules.
87. Love what you do.
88. Love without rules.
89. Love yourself.
90. Make "someday" today.
91. Make a date with your favorite book tonight.
92. Make a list of your dreams.
93. Make every day a holiday.
94. Make time for yourself.
95. Naughty can be nice.
96. Now, time for chocolate relaxation.
97. Open your eyes to all the love around you.
98. Promises are made to be kept.
99. Relaxation by Chocolate.
100. Remember the simple pleasures in life.
101. Remember your first everything.
102. Remind yourself to relax.
103. Renew your sense of discovery.
104. Satisfy your sense of surprise.
105. Seek out small pleasures.
106. Share a chocolate moment with a friend.
107. Shut out the world for just one moment.
108. Simply be, rather than do.
109. Sing along with the elevator music.
110. Sleep late tomorrow.
111. Smile before bed. You'll sleep better.
112. Smile.
113. Smiling is free.
114. Someone is thinking of you right now.
115. Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses.
116. Stir your sense of pleasure.
117. Stop and enjoy the chocolate aroma.
118. Stretch your body, stretch your mind.
119. Take a deep breath & exhale.
120. Take a deep breath.
121. Take a moment for yourself.
122. Take a moment, enjoy what you have.
123. Take advantage of every free moment you have.
124. Take good care of yourself.
125. Take this moment. Enjoy it.
126. Take time for yourself today.
127. Take time to laugh. It's the music of the soul.
128. Take time to notice the color of the leaves changing.
129. Tempt your sense of exploration.
130. Temptation is fun… giving in is even better!
131. The fastest way to my heart is chocolate.
132. The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.
133. The only certainty in life is smooth chocolate.
134. There's a time for compromise. It's called "later."
135. Think of something that makes you smile.
136. Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
137. Too much of a good thing is wonderful.
138. Treat yourself today.
139. Unwrap, Breathe, Enjoy.
140. Write a real letter, not just an email.
141. You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
142. You are the star for which all evenings wait.
143. You don't need an excuse. You just need a moment.
144. You have a great laugh!
145. You know what? You look good in red.
146. You make everything lovely.
147. You should charge for your great advice.
148. You worked hard - promise yourself a reward.
149. You're allowed to do nothing.
150. You're already gorgeous, gorgeous!
151. You're delicious.
152. You're invited to relax today.
153. Your smile is your best accessory.
154. Your smile lights up the room.
155. You’re gorgeous.

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