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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Storm #3 - Before and After

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That is my car on Jan 11, 2011, before the snow storm started. Notice the white mailbox by the street, on the right hand side of the picture.

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That is my car early in the morning Jan 12, 2011. Notice the height of the snow on the garbage cans, for some perspective. And you don't see the mailbox anymore.

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That is my car, after the top of the driveway was plowed. I dug a path from the bottom of the driveway to the midway point. I wondered what that black thing was that I could see in the distance. It was the side view mirror.

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It's hard to tell from this picture, but I dug a path along the driver side of the car, so I would be able to get into it.

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That is my mailbox. I don't remember the last time we had snow this deep, even after several snowfalls. We've been hit with three storms in a row, all dropping a lot of snow, which is unusual for us.

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That is my mailbox, after I dug it out.

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That is the path out to my car, which is the blob in the distance.

I still haven't cleared off my car. I did the driveway and car paths first, so I could get out. But the end of the driveway was covered with ice kicked up by the plows, so I had to clear that off too. I'm very sore now, so I'm taking a break, and the sun is going down soon, so the car situation looks iffy still. I got more than a foot, possibly two feet of snow. I'm ready for Spring.

1 comment:

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Thanks for sharing the photos... I'm ready for spring, too.