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Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Marketing - Hillary the Uniter" - Postcard

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Who can heal America?

Hillary the Uniter

Who will worsen America?

Trump the Divider

this Predictable Propaganda marketing campaign approved by the


I wanted to post this before these very words (or something similar) start showing up in the US media. The United States Government has become so transparently predictable that they don't even bother trying to hide their charade anymore, and their formulaic script (narrative) is worse than that of a Hollywood B movie. Fortunately for them, most Americans nod their heads in agreement, with whatever story they get told by the US media, and don't question anything.

This month both the Republicans and Democrats will hold their National Convention to choose their candidate for the US Presidential election in November. After recent events that have occurred, I no longer see any reason to bother to vote. I never thought I would say that. But I also never thought that this country that I love would be spying on every single American, in violation of the US Constitution. And certain recent events have revealed other things that I never thought my Government would do.


My piece is a "cartoon" in the same vein as Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

I created this using GIMP 2.8.16.

The vintage images are from an Internet search. (See the side of my blog for links.)

1 comment:

jeannettestgermain said...

Anne, you have visited my blog more in recent times - thank you! Are you the same Anne as Anne Merton? Am asking because some bloggers have several blogs and do not want to connect them to each other. I'm a people person, so I like to know who you are:):)
Agreed, this administration does unthinkable things. Maybe I saw the previous governments too rosy - all this filth is coming up for the past 8 years, and I'm sad and embarrassed, even though I am still a Dutch citizen (with a legal green card!).
Maybe I'm not understanding your postcard -do you mean that Hillery is marketed as the uniter and Trump as the divider? The last one surely divides, he is as a trumpet harshly announcing and exposing what is going on. But I rather have him than everything Clinton is and has been involved in, especially people who are against them, dying - there are too many for it to be incidental or accidental. This is my opinion, and time will tell if I'm seeing this accurately.
Hope you know that if I have a different opinion, I am not your enemy! We can continue blogging:):)