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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Clinton Bush Obama Baton Pass" - Postcard

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I made a cartoon showing the baton pass that has been ongoing with the United States Presidents since at least Bill Clinton. It wasn't until Barack Obama became President, that it became transparently obvious to me that these people are just actors playing a part, and someone else is calling the shots. Next in line is Hillary Clinton, whose medical problems, including seizures, appear to be a well kept secret by the US media. Not to worry: the wars will go on with no interruption. (Sarcasm.)


Bill Clinton 1993 - 2001

G. W. Bush 2001 - 2009

Barack Obama 2009 - 2017
It's Historic!

Hillary Clinton 2017 - 2025
It's Herstoric!

Saudi Arabia
coup d'etat complete (without a shot being fired)

Take everyone's eye off the ball. Get everyone to focus on the word "listen" and use the word "content" instead of "recorded phone call".

Obama: "Nobody's listening to the content of people's [recorded] phone calls. If the intelligence community then actually wants to listen to a phone call, they've got to go back to a federal judge [and then they can] do further probing [and listen to the content (recorded phone call)]."


My piece is a "cartoon" in the same vein as Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

I created this using GIMP 2.8.16.

The vintage images are from an Internet search. (See the side of my blog for links.)

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