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Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Altered Postcard" - Postcard

© All Rights Reserved
© All Rights Reserved
(Click on image to enlarge)
This week’s Sunday Postcard Art challenge was "Alter A Postcard."

I started with this free Red Roses Easter Postcard. I cut out just the postcard, and enlarged it to fit on a 6" x 4" postcard. I added a vintage page as the underlying background, to cover the full postcard size. I used sponge brushes to cover over most of the text on the original postcard. Then I added the foreground images and text.

I created this using GIMP 2.8.16.

The vintage images are from an Internet search. (See the side of my blog for links.)

Thank you if you leave a comment. I apologize if I don't reciprocate. Also, my artwork posts might be sporadic for awhile.


Mary said...

What a lovely postcard!

Karla B said...

It's sweet!

Pennyoz said...

Your postcard is beautiful :)

Kimbopolo said...


Annie said...

So pretty! I love the new border text you created. It gives it that vintage framed look.

Ozstuff said...

I love your elegant artwork, Anne, and this one is no exception. An exquisite alteration to an exquisite card.

peggy gatto said...

Very nice improvement!!!

sirkkis said...


bockel24 said...

love your additions, they really make your card much more interesting!

indybev said...

In the U.S. the term "a broad" might be used as a crude term for a woman, so I had to smile when I saw your beautiful card. Very nice alteration!

Deann said...

Lovely work on this...well done.

Electra said...

I really like your take on this theme, Anne!