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Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Woman Of The Year" - Postcard

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"The hardest part about being a woman is figuring out what to wear." 

In the recent past, society would have viewed that statement as vacuous if a woman said it, and misogynist if a man said it.

But in today's brave new world, we've come a long way, and the collective decides what public opinion should be on all topics.

The quote is from Bruce Jenner, from a Buzzfeed interview he gave, shortly after he received one of Glamour Magazine’s Women Of The Year Awards on November 9, 2015.

Why do I continue to call him Bruce Jenner? Has he had his orchiectomy and inversion surgery yet? No, he has not. When he received his Woman Of The Year Award, he was then, and still is today as I write this, anatomically a male. But apparently there was no woman more qualified than he was, to win Glamour Magazine’s award. And thus we learned from him that women don't face any serious problems in their lives, the way men do.

Now, before the barrage of hate comments rain down upon me, let me state that I believe in live and let live. I don't care whether or not people are transgender. However, Bruce Jenner made his private life public to everyone, with a lot of revenue generating interviews, photo shoots, reality shows, etc. And no, I don't have a choice not to watch him, when his Vanity Fair magazine cover and his subsequent statement, "I'm ready to date a man!" were reported on the front page of most of the news sites that I go to, to read news (not entertainment).

But these days, anyone who dares to point out the facts, who dares to say, "the Emperor has no clothes," is labeled an "ist" or a "phobe" or worse.

Unfortunately, as time has marched forward like an army here in the US, we have slithered into some kind of The Emperor's New Clothes / 1984 nightmare, where, as WPLR's Chaz and AJ said about a year ago, on the topic of Bruce Jenner, one is allowed to have an opinion, as long as it agrees with the collective.

So, in my piece, I modified the original words from The Emperor's New Clothes, and changed them to reflect today's reality in the US: "Nobody would let it appear that he could see nothing, for then he would be vilified by the collective."

Yet, ironically, the same people who vilify anyone who voices an opinion that is counter to their politically correct doctrine, are the same ones who condemn Islamic clerics who issue fatwas against any cartoonist, artist, etc. who depicts Mohammed. Apparently they "Je suis Charlie" but they do not "Je suis the First Amendment."

And when the collective says, "Don't Be Mean to People" they are only referring to certain people. It's perfectly acceptable to stereotype Catholic Priests as pedophiles, Irish as xxxxxs, and Russians as xxxxxs. That's not being mean: that's making a funny joke. And there should be tolerance and acceptance of everyone, right? Except when the person is a Republican candidate with a wiccan past. Then it's perfectly acceptable to ridicule her, because she is not who they meant, when they said, "Don't Be Mean to People."

In conclusion, it wouldn't surprise me if this post goes hatefully viral, which would fittingly epitomize the vapidness of the collective, who will focus on this post, but who never even noticed my substantive Foster post, when it was made.


My piece is a "cartoon" in the same vein as Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

I started with another white washed background that I had made first. Then I added additional images and text.

I created this using GIMP 2.8.16.

The vintage images are from an Internet search. (See the side of my blog for links.)

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