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Monday, February 15, 2016

"Valentine's Day Box" - Wood Box

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(Click on image to enlarge)
I created this cream and gold colored Valentine's Day wood playing card box using a similar design as my "The Dream" postcard, which I really liked.

I created this using GIMP 2.8.16.

The vintage images are from an Internet search. (See the side of my blog for links.)

Because everything in my design is old, I am entering it in this week's Tuesday's Treasures.


Unfinished Wood Card Box

Martha Stewart Vintage Gold Metallic Paint (346 433 / M18121)

Apple Barrel Antique White matte acrylic paint (20505E)

Delta (Plaid) Ceramcoat Gloss Interior Varnish

Liquitex Matte Gel Medium

Abbreviated Steps:

I printed my box design decoupage panels on card stock. I painted the box, allowed time for it to dry, then used the Delta (Plaid) Ceramcoat Gloss Interior Varnish as my decoupage medium. I used the Liquitex Matte Gel Medium to coat the inside of the box.


Marcia said...

Did you use Modge Podge to create that box? I've never thought about printing images from the internet to use. I cut up catalogs, Christmas cards, and purchase special papers.

Arti said...

You build a beautiful Valentine's treasure chest and the words seem to come from the bottom of your heart. I like the vintage look very much

Gayle atMuldoon said...

Wonderful and creative.

Marcia said...

Thanks for updating your method. I'll have to remember that next time I'm in the mood for decoupage.

Tom said...

Anne, thanks for sharing your Valentine Treasure. Your creative creations are amazing. Please stop back again soon.

Ida said...

Your box is lovely and will work beautifully for holding treasures.

genie said...

We have a wine store here that also sells cigars. He will let me have whatever boxes I want just for a donation to a cause here in Lexington. I think what you did is so creative and it looks very vintage. Thanks for sharing your steps with us. That is so helpful when I go to try something new,

Martha said...

Very pretty.
Pretty enough to flll with chocolate truffles.

indybev said...

Thanks for sharing the process! Beautiful work.

Tanya Breese said...

it is so pretty!!

Rose said...

It is beautiful!