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Friday, October 16, 2015

Black Pirate Boat Skulking Around Fairfield! - Photograph

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© All Rights Reserved
© All Rights Reserved
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This is 1 of 3 posts of photographs that I took in the Ash Creek Open Space walking area in Fairfield, CT this past week.

The Fairfield Marina is located here as well. I was thrilled when I spotted this Black Pirate Boat docked near the boat launching area! Okay, so it's not a real Pirate Ship and it wasn't really skulking around, but it looks great!

The name of this black boat is Barnacle and it bears a skull and cross bones. That's what first caught my eye, with it being only a few weeks until Hallowe'en. But then I realized it was a Pirate boat, and phrases like "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" and "Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum!" came to mind.

That red boat in the background is the Fairfield Fire Department boat, which is always docked in that position, for quick deployment when they get calls for emergencies out on the water. (I think it's also one of the last boats to get dry docked when Winter approaches, but I could be mistaken.)


Anonymous said...

Herzlich Pippa

Sharon Wagner said...

I love the word skulking. Or skulling in this case.