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Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Save your data to the Cloud" – Postcard

© All Rights Reserved (click on image to enlarge)

I created an advertisement for all of the companies that are urging us to store our data in the cloud.

The clipart in my artwork is from Microsoft Office images. To the best of my knowledge, these were free to use. I have a set of procedures in place that I have substituted for the actual copyright laws, just like the United States Government has done with regard to the Fourth Amendment, circa 2008:

What we said there - and reiterate today - is that the
more a set of procedures resembles those associated with the
traditional warrant requirements, the more easily it can be
determined that those procedures are within constitutional bounds.
The petitioner suggests that, by placing discretion
entirely in the hands of the Executive Branch without prior
judicial involvement, the procedures cede to that Branch overly
broad power that invites abuse . But this is little more than a
lament about the risk that government officials will not operate in
good faith.
The petitioner's concern with incidental collections is
overblown. It is settled beyond peradventure that incidental
collections occurring as a result of constitutionally permissible
acquisitions do not render those acquisitions unlawful. 9 See,
e.g., United States v. Kahn, 415 U.S. 143, 157-58 (1974); United
States v. Schwartz, 535 F.2d 160, 164 (2d Cir. 1976). The
government assures us that it does not maintain a database of
incidentally collected information from non-targeted United States
persons, and there is no evidence to the contrary. On these facts,
incidentally collected communications of non-targeted United States
persons do not violate the Fourth Amendment.

The full text from the court ruling can be read here.

The fonts used in my piece are:
Big Brother
DCC - Ash

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