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Friday, February 1, 2013

"Postage Stamp" – Moo (1.1" x 2.8")

© All Rights Reserved
This week’s Moo Mania challenge was "Postage Stamp."

The images are from an Internet search.

The font is Galeforce BTN.

I found the words here, except I translated the English to French using Google's translator.

Le Bien-aimé

Elle est debout sur mes paupières
Et ses cheveux est enroulé dans la mienne,
Elle a la forme de mes mains,
Elle a la couleur de mes yeux,
Elle est avalé par mon ombre
Comme une pierre sur le ciel

Ses yeux sont toujours ouverts
Et ne me laisse pas dormir.
Ses rêves en pleine lumière
Faire évaporer les soleils
Faites-moi rire, pleurer et rire,
Parler sans avoir rien à dire

Paul Eluard

The Beloved

She is standing on my eyelids
And her hair is wound in mine,
She has the form of my hands,
She has the colour of my eyes,
She is swallowed by my shadow
Like a stone against the sky

Her eyes are always open
And will not let me sleep.
Her dreams in broad daylight
Make the suns evaporate
Make me laugh, cry and laugh,
Speak with nothing to say

Paul Eluard


My Creative Life said...

Anne your Moo is so beautifully made, love everything about it, great work.

johanna said...

this french postal stamp is perfect here!

fatmonica said...

This is great,I love the stamp and the text background.

Rosie said...

Wow, Anne, this is fantastic, I love the background text.

Thank you for joining us at MOO-MANIA

Vee Cassidy said...

That is a very beautiful MOO, Anne. It is very artistic. Thank you for visiting my blog. It is very nice to meet you. Vee xx

Char said...

This is really pretty.

Lorraine said...

lovely stamping and great poem

maj. said...

Your moo is brilliant!!!