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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storm Scare – Pictures

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I am fortunate not to have lost electricity during Hurricane Irene, which decreased to a Tropical Storm as it made landfall for the third time in NYC. The news says 700,000 homes in the state of CT don't have power. (CT's population is about 3.5 million people.)

First this tree snapped and partially fell, leaning against another tree. When it fell completely, I heard the sound of it falling, which lasted several seconds, and thought it was another tree about to hit my house. It was very scary! The back end of the storm might bring more wind gusts, and the ground is saturated, so the risks aren't over yet with this storm.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Glad you are OK! Very grateful that things are fine at my house too. The thunder and wind was scary here. My electricity stayed on and there's only a little water in the basement. It is going to take some time to clear the roads, repair the damaged telephone poles, and restore power to all those homes.