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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Punch It (Out)" - Tag

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This week’s Tag Tuesday challenge number 30 was “Punch It (Out).” I had to look at several entries, to figure out what this meant. I don’t have a punch, so I went with using a cut out design instead. Although you can’t tell from the scan, my tag is two layers. The top layer is cut away in two circular areas: One showing the woman, and one showing the tag fastening point.

I used a razor blade (I need to get an exacto knife) to cut a small box in each circle. Then I used large scissors to cut the holes all the way. (I need to get small scissors too.) I applied glue stick to the back of the circular areas, and to the front of the underneath layer around the tag edges. I didn’t line them up exactly, so the final result is slightly off from what I wanted.


Yvonne said...

Well your piece sure turned out wonderful, Anne!

Faye said...

Anne, what a masterwork!!! I can only imagine the time it took to cut out all those pieces with a razor blade and big scissors! The result is really elegant. So gorgeous.

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

A lot of work indeed....with gorgeous results, Anne. Love your tag!

Nancy said...

Your tag turned out lovely despite the difficulties. It's a very unique design that shows off your considerable skill.

Char said...

Pretty tag. Love the image.

Lyneen said...

Love your card... wonderful even if you didn't have a punch. thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

Sarah said...

This turned out beautifully!!